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Sample Pack: DIRT BLEND (Dan Mayo)

Sample Pack: DIRT BLEND (Dan Mayo)


Rich and crispy, with a low-key vibe - This is the Dirt Blend pack. Recorded in a small, dry room, using a dry low-tuned snare and an airy, small open kick - this blend has a seriously irresistible filthy groove. 


On The Dirt blend pack, my entire drum kit goes through a pedalboard based on heavy analog distortions and maximum overdrive, plus some additional digital ambient sound effects. 


The Dirt Blend pack includes 318 samples blended with my secret dirty effect chain:

-146 loops mixing my effect chain and clean sound.

-101 loops using the effect chain alone.

-71 one-shots featuring a variety of unusual kicks, snares, hats, and percussion, with added paddle-board ambient sounds.


All files are recorded in 24-bit and 48-sample rate WAV files.

  • What's Inside

    🔥 146 Drum Loops

    🔥 101 Board Loops

    🔥 71 One-shots

  • Demo Track