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Sample Pack: Heavy Bones

Sample Pack: Heavy Bones


Animalistic and raw, The Heavy Bones pack will put you in beast mode. This pack was recorded in a big room, using a 26-inch Kick, a 16-inch snare, two bizarre giant metal balls, an 8-inch side snare, a small broken ride cymbal, and percussion. 


The clean recording got its extra oomph and heavier feel when I ran my drums through a heavy distortion pedal pitched down by an octave.


"Heavy Bones" packs an intense punch. For real, it's barbaric. The pack contains 247 samples, including 140 loops and 107 one-shots.


All files are recorded in 24-bit and 48-sample rate WAV files.

  • What's Inside

    🔥 140 Loops

    🔥 107 One Shots

  • Demo Track